What is ambient marketing? Creative, out-of-the-box activities in the world of advertising

Sesme Studio is not only about murals! We are constantly expanding our offer, because our creativity abhors boredom and constantly makes us seek new challenges. Art is an essential component of our business – artistic and imaginative realizations provide us the most joy and inspire us to work even faster.

Our unusual, individual projects are to a large extent part of what we call ambient marketing. But what exactly is ambient marketing?

Ambient marketing is an activity on the borderline between marketing and art. Their main task is to interact with the recipient through unconventional use of advertising media or the use of completely new, previously unused means. A great example of this type of campaign can be a mural combined with virtual reality, which brings the graphics on it to life or even creates a whole new universe to be explored on a smartphone screen. Street happenings, artistic installations in public space or intriguing workshops also engage the viewer, for whom the received message becomes something more than just an ordinary advertisement, not much different from the hundreds of billboards passing by every day – the content starts to arouse genuine interest, encourages interaction and “sharing”, and the brand behind the action starts to be associated as worth keeping an eye on.
Ambient marketing, which incorporates elements of wider campaigns and social movements, such as environmental action, is particularly powerful. Advertising that does not just have as its immediate objective the sale of a product, but also wants to have a positive effect in the world – e.g. promoting conscious eating or reducing plastic consumption – arouses positive feelings and its effects become more long-lasting.

Our creative studio is a performer of ambient marketing campaigns. We offer a full service – from custom concept to professional execution and documentation for social media use. If you are looking for a team to create an interesting, wide-ranging advertising action for your company, please contact us, e.g. via the form.


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