What does cooperation with a mural artist look like?

While decorating walls with various prints is becoming commonplace, painting murals is becoming an increasingly popular trend, especially in large-format advertising and interior design. However, in order for a mural to fulfill its function, it must be designed and painted by a professional artist. What does cooperation with such an artist look like?


photo: Max Gronowski

Services of this type are often provided comprehensively, which means that a mural studio can propose a concept for the mural, create its design, execute it, and even prepare visual materials related to the artwork that will be used for promotion on social media. In the case of advertising murals, this also includes providing or acquiring a convenient location.

The cooperation starts with determining the client’s needs and submitting an offer with a valuation.

When we know what, where, and when will be painted, we put these arrangements in a contract, which guarantees the smooth implementation of the entire project. In some cases, especially with very large projects, a deposit is also paid at this point. Then we proceed to the graphic design or, if the client already has their own design, to adapt it to the wall proportions. The contractor starts working on the mural at the agreed time. After the work is completed, it’s time for the acceptance, and then for the final payment.

How much does a mural cost and what determines its price? How long does the realization take?

The cost of a mural depends primarily on its size and complexity. In the case of advertising murals, an important factor shaping the price is also the location where the mural is to be placed and the ordered exposure time. The execution of the mural is carried out using scaffolding or a lift, and in the case of smaller walls, a ladder. The painting time depends on the complexity of the project and weather conditions and usually lasts from five to nine working days. The transfer of the project to a large wall is done by individuals with appropriate artistic skills, years of experience, and necessary qualifications and licenses.

When choosing an artist, it is important to pay attention to their experience, portfolio, as well as the variety of styles and techniques they offer. This makes it possible to create a unique project that meets the expectations placed on it and is attractive to the audience.


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