Why advertise through a mural? Advantages of a mural over a banner

Our advertising walls are surfaces in the most attractive locations of Polish cities, such as Warsaw or Poznań. They are seen every day by crowds of passers-by, public transport passengers, car drivers and tourists visiting the city.

The benefits of the mural as a form of advertising are enormous. First and foremost, the public perception of advertising in the form of a mural is much more positive than that of a banner. The mural is perceived as a format in the artistic category, whereas the banner is standardly associated with a negative, expansive form of advertising that is not on the way to beautifying public space.

The period mural arouses interest among passers-by from the very beginning of its implementation. Passers-by pay attention to the campaign before they even see the final result. Videos showing the process of the mural’s creation have great resonance on social media. Viewers love it when content is created in front of their eyes!

When searching for a wall for a mural, we are guided by the number of people who will be able to see the realisation (traffic), but also by the laws established in the location, such as landscape resolution, local zoning plan, conservation requirements and others. We operate legally and with respect for public space because we want to make the city look more beautiful with our murals.

Period advertising in the form of a mural is also a huge relief for the environment. Printing advertising banners means generating a huge amount of plastic, which is hard to dispose of. Murals reduce the use of plastic and are therefore more environmentally friendly.

Sesme Studio is made up of students from the Academy of Fine Arts, enthusiasts for art in public spaces – people who educate themselves to make life more beautiful for everyone. By choosing our studio, you support young artists and allow them to develop.