Mural contractor. What is a mural? How much does a mural cost?


A mural – a large-format wall painting created by hand using paints, brushes, rollers, sprays. An advertisement, a decorative graphic on a wall in a coworking interior or a logo on the facade of a business premises can be painted in this way.

Sesme Studio paints murals in Warsaw, Poznań, the Tricity and any other city – both artistic projects on the facades of residential buildings or cultural institutions and eye-catching advertising murals.

Advertising murals, as opposed to murals painted on a wall belonging to the customer, are executed on our walls. We offer attractive advertising walls in excellent locations and a comprehensive service. We take care of the mural from design preparation to execution and preparation of promotional materials in the form of photo and video documentation.

The cost of a mural depends on its size and the complexity of the artwork. In the case of advertising murals, it also depends on the exposure time of the mural. The final price is always quoted before the work commences – as a customer you can be sure that there are no surprises and that the mural will be completed by the agreed deadline. Contact us to receive a quote for your idea. The quote is completely free!

The mural is completed using scaffolding or a lifting platform. The time taken for such painting depends on the specifications of the project and the weather conditions, usually taking between three and six days. The transfer of the project to a large wall is carried out by people with the appropriate qualifications, many years of experience and the necessary authorisations. They are professionals, graduates of the faculties of the Academy of Fine Arts such as painting and art conservation. Our team consists of artists who create their own paintings after hours or are involved in the conservation of monuments. For us, painting murals is both work and passion. We approach each project with commitment so that we translate all our skills onto the wall.