Artistic interior painting

Artistic murals are becoming increasingly popular in the design of modern interiors, especially in offices and homes. They play an important role in creating a unique character for a given space.

art branding
photo: Katarzyna Seliga-Wróblewska, Marcin Wróblewski / Fotomohito

In an office, murals work well in designing a lively and diverse environment, bringing warmth and coziness to the interior, and expressing the values that the company represents. Artistic paintings that are consistent with the brand image strengthen positive impressions, build an atmosphere of creativity and innovation, and support organizational culture.

Artistic murals can help distinguish work areas, relaxation areas, or conference rooms. They allow for interesting solutions in demanding spaces such as corridors or bathroom walls. Moreover, well-designed wall paintings can support communication in the building, becoming a link that connects aesthetic functions, wayfinding, and space branding.

Hand-painted, aesthetic, and functional visual elements also work well in modern residential buildings, where murals can decorate not only apartments, but also public areas such as entrances, stairwells, hallways, and elevators. In this way, the investment can stand out among others and gain a unique character. Murals can refer to local traditions, landscapes, or other elements important to the area.

Artistic wall painting can make it easier for residents or guests to navigate the building and avoid disorientation. Murals can also serve as guidance for people with disabilities or low vision – in particular, the color yellow is most easily detected by the human eye, and therefore less susceptible to visual impairment. In this case, the mural artist should work closely with the architect to place graphics in precisely designated locations and include clear symbols.

A graffiti commission can be an interesting solution. In this case, the mural artist uses sprays and templates, allowing for effects that are not achievable with traditional paints. The choice of style, technique, and materials should be tailored to both the mural project and the entire interior. It is important that experienced artists are responsible for interior painting, who can choose and use them appropriately.

In summary, murals help create interesting, unique spaces, distinguish rooms, and build the right atmosphere. It is worth paying attention to this element when arranging interiors and planning to involve a professional mural artist in the creation and implementation of the project.


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