Sitogród - screen printing for Jazdów’s birthday

year: 2021
location: Jazdów housing estate in Warsaw, Motyka i Słońce house
scope of work: design, execution


On the celebration of Jazdów’s 76th birthday, we were invited to create a design, which we then transferred onto T-shirts using a screen-printing technique.



The pattern we designed combined motifs from the world of graffiti and from the garden at Jazdów. In our interpretation, snails, which are very frequent visitors to the Jazdów crops, turned into graffiti artists.

The typography is reminiscent of the classic spray paint labels produced by Montana Cans.

Half of the money raised from the prints went to the Jazdów Partnership and the Solatorium/Motyka and Słońce house. Sitogród is a series of regular events organised by Zuza Kruk and Witek Dąbrowski.

photos: Zuza Siwek