Municipal Public Library in Czernica, branch no. 3 in Nadolice Wielkie

year: 2018
location: Nadolice Wielkie near Wrocław
scope of work: design, execution


A mural designed with Nina Iżycka won a national competition for the façade of the Municipal Public Library in Nadolice Wielkie. We got the first prize and were invited to execute our project.

Our goal in this project was to emphasize the cohesion between painting and architecture, because the mural was supposed to spread on every wall of the building, which would change its character completely. Graphics present an unusual function of the library, which is not only a place to check out books, but also a local community centre.

We wanted our mural to emphasise the individual character of the place and allow users – mostly children and young people – to identify with it even more.



photos: Jakub Krycki