Dwupiętrówka Poptown Party

year: 2021
location: Warsaw
scope of work: design, execution


To celebrate the new season on the Poptown website, a Dwupiętrówka party took place on 19.11. For this occasion we transformed the Poptown office into an alternative houseparty full of shibari ropes and graffiti tags contrasting with hay monoliths.



High fashion inspirations were incorporated into the set design: scenographic solutions around the catwalks were used to design the lighting, and the Gucci and LV logos became a reference to the Poptown monogram we designed and stencilled on the floors.

We also incorporated themes taken from contemporary art (3 sculptural objects – chandeliers above the main dance floor, beanbags and sofas covered in fabric and tied with ropes in the Christo style) and the Japanese art of shibari (the motif of black jute ropes running through all the rooms).

The hay after the event went to the Psi Anioł animal shelter, where it will be used as additional bedding in the dogs’ beddings in winter.

photos: Poptown.eu